Severe tooth decay, failing large fillings, cracks, and extreme wear are all indications for a dental crown. When the structural integrity of a tooth can not be restored with a filling, our doctors may will recommend a crown.

Our office utilizes CEREC technology. CEREC is an advanced dental computer software technology that fabricates all-porcelain, tooth-colored, crowns in just one dental visit. Dr. Ada Toraño or Dr. Carrie Borchardt will design your metal-free crown using 3D imaging software and then mill the crown from a solid block of pressed porcelain in the office. Next the crown will be custom stained and glazed to match your neighboring teeth. The crown is then placed into a ceramic oven to harden the porcelain before it is bonded to your tooth. Dr. Carrie Borchardt & Dr. Ada Toraño believe that when properly placed, these beautiful, strong crowns can properly restore your teeth back to natural form and function for many years.

If you need a crown on a front tooth, where aesthetics are important, or a back tooth that experiences very heavy chewing forces, Dr. Carrie Borchardt & Dr. Ada Toraño may recommend a crown fabricated by a dental laboratory. She will discuss with you the best material options for your teeth.

When crowns are fabricated by a dental laboratory, you will need two dental appointments. First, to prepare your tooth, take impressions, and place a temporary crown while the lab fabricates your permanent crown. At your second appointment, Dr. Carrie Borchardt or Dr. Ada Toraño will place your final restoration.


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